Coming To America

After almost one century
Ruggero Bauli’s dream has come true

A century has past since Ruggero Bauli first dreamt to live and work in America.

After having great success all over the world Bauli is ready to live out his dream. Bauli has now established the U.S. Headquarters providing Authentic Specialty confections of the finest quality.


Company Growth

In the 2000s, Bauli increased its national and international significance, acquiring Doria the Italian company famous for its brands Bucaneve, Atene and Doriano. Bauli acquired MOTTA and ALEMAGNA brands from Nestlè, and completed the acquisition of the Casale Monferrato company BISTEFANI SPA.


Bauli is in 70 countries on 5 continents

Bauli is excited to extend its authentic Italian baked goods and holiday products to retailers in the US market. Expanding into new product categories Bauli has introduced a line of Italian-style croissants. Currently, croissants account for 50% of Bauli's total production.

Today, Bauli has sales in over 70 countries on 5 continents, 5 production facilities, 31 manufacturing lines and 27 distribution centers and is a beloved brand for both holidays and year round pastry lovers.

Inside Look at Bauli

The Bauli name stands for shared sweetness, joy and Italian tradition.

Take a closer look at how it all began and the modern facility and confectionary secrets of Bauli today! 

The Bauli story began with a humble entrance in the baking and confectionery world in 1922. Ruggero Bauli, an adventurous and illustrious figure, opened his own small patisserie before emigrating to seek his fortune in America.

Returning in 1937 to open a small café in Verona. Soon he was known as one of the best bakers in Verona.

He embarked on industrial production of Panettone and Pandoro; it did not take long until Italy enthused about Bauli’s specialty cakes.

Bauli became a household name throughout Italy.