Wholesome Ingredients

High-quality, specially selected ingredients.

Finding the best ingredients for Bauli's traditional recipes is not a job, it's an art that we are committed to. Every one of Bauli's baked goods is made with high quality, wholesome, simple, genuine ingredients.


Commitment to ancient Italian recipes

Respect for traditions and ancient recipes have always been at the heart of Bauli. Our mission is to use cutting edge technologies to keep time-honored traditions alive. 


Commitment to quality and ingredients

To maintain our high standard for excellence Bauli's seasonal products are made with NO preservatives, NO artificial colors or flavors, and NO genetically modified ingredients. Even though our newest products don't need a special occasion, we hold them to the same high standards as our holiday cakes.

Natural Leavening

Natural leavening starts with the mother dough that must be left to naturally rise and regenerate otherwise know as the "nucleous." Water and flour are progressively added to this nucleous to create dough the way it has been made for centuries without any chemical additives, allowing it to raise naturally.

After 18 to 40 hours of leavening the bread is naturally enriched, due to an additional development of nutrients by the beneficial enzymes and ferments. Natural leavening gives Bauli products softness, flavor and a unique aroma that customers have come to love.

Oven Baking

A magic step

Every single Bauli product is oven baked to perfection. Heat browns every pastry to ensure that it is browned and delicious, while giving it that special aroma recognizable only when you savor a Bauli product.