Quality Controls

Strict quality controls are carried throughout Bauli’s entire production chain, from raw materials to the finished products. Bauli conducts over 500 tests a day certified by the Food Technology Institute, the Institute of Microbiology of the University of Milan, and the Institute for Biotechnology of the University of Verona.

Over 16,000 controls are performed on the entire manufacturing process, as well as on raw materials, processes and products. At the end of the production cycle, over 9,000 organoleptic, visual and microbiological analyses are performed on products.


of Excellence

Bauli has achieved a Certificate of Excellence, due to its commitment to the highest quality, environmental and work safety standards. Bauli’s certifications also include IFS and BRC, as well as ISO 14001, ISO 8001, SA 8000, and ISO 9001.

The important ISO 9001 certification is the highest possible award within the ISO 9000 standard system, and results from the constant and dedicated work of all the company staff. It allows the constant monitoring of all the company procedures, technological processes and organizational system.

Bauli’s products are also Kosher Dairy Certified. All milk and dairy ingredients are from a kosher animal, free of meat derivatives, and produced and processed on kosher equipment.


Italian Confectionery and Pasta Industry Association

Bauli creations follow the production guidelines of the AIDEPI (Italian Confectionery and Pasta Industry Association) that require the use of top quality ingredients in the amounts established by Italian law. AIDEPI represents the culture for taste of Italian tradition, whose values are protected and promoted, in Italy and worldwide.